Physical Security

Physical Security

The trend towards network-based digital security systems is in response to a greater need for security and the requirements to maximize IT investments and consolidate business applications into one network infrastructure. IP surveillance & access control became a proven technology with which you can achieve the full functionality of ananalogue system, whilst simultaneously acquiring the numerous, additional functionalities and advantages offered by technology: remote accessibility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, integration and future-proof functionality ad digital quality.


IP Surveillance


NABS provides the necessary tools to enable the highest quality IP surveillance as well as viewing of every camera across every corporate location. We offer a variety of IP cameras to suit your needs.  Our IP cameras can have any one or more of the following features: vandal-resistant, fixed vs. PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom), megapixel for superior detail, and even wireless camera technologies.

Recordings can be constant, on a scheduled basis, motion activated, or event triggered (flood, temperature change, alarm, smoke, etc.).  These recordings can be burned to a CD or DVD, which are admissible in court.  Notifications can be dispatched any way you prefer (E-mail, text, etc).

NABS can design, install and service your new or existing IP surveillance systems, including:

  • Integrate existing analog cameras into a new hybrid system – reuse your analog cams and add IP cams
  • Provide access to the latest in surveillance camera technologies – PTZ, HD, megapixel
  • Enable viewing of cameras at multiple locations from one or many locations
  • Provide surveillance capability using your smartphone with an app or using your web browser
  • Integrate your IP surveillance with access control.



Access Control Systems

We design and build access control solutions that can handle thousands of access events per second from next-generation IP edge readers or use IP-enabled door controllers to convert an older system. We offer our customers cutting edge, state of the art access control hardware and software that delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency bundled with 24/365 on site support.

We also offer a variety of identification technologies such as key tags, ID badges, and biometric fingerprinting.

  • You control who has access, when they have access and where they have access
  • You see the authorized users who gained access, as well as the unauthorized users who attempted access
  • Integration with surveillance cameras permits instant recording when unauthorized access is attempted or an alarm is generated.  The video triggers notification (including a picture of the event) via your preferred method (E-mail, text, etc.)