Who We Are

NABS Integrated Technical Services provides top-notch Integrated Networking Solutions along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beaten!
Through our commitment, experience, and expertise NABS Integrated Technical Services has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Mission Statement

NABS Integrated Technical Services Management is determined to maintain a culture of excellence within the Company with the intention to deliver a quality service and products that put us at the top of the ladder in our fields of specialization. In this way, customer requirements and expectations are always fully met. To meet our commitment, all our engineers and technical staff are qualified from reputable institutions with many man-years experience in their field of specialization. The skills and experience of our engineers and technical staff will be constantly enhanced through carefully planned programs of in-house and training courses, seminars and conferences conducted by relevant industry and associated partners. Our processes in relation to the activities we carry out on behalf of our Partners will be under constant assessment and audit to ensure compliance with their quality requirements.



NABS Integrated Technical Services provides a complete approach to the easy implementation of large integrated IT solutions. Our service goes far beyond the mere supply of materials. It includes a comprehensive set of supplies, services, and support that ensures the successful and efficient implementation of an integrated system, that will serve as a stable data infrastructure.

Our Focus

Whether providing specialized expertise for important IT projects or helping our customers deliver products and services to their customers, we pride ourselves in our ability to integrate diverse technology skills in the delivery of following comprehensive business solutions: 
  • Network Engineering and Administration 
  • Data Center Solutions 
  • IT & Physical Security Solutions and Auditing 
  • Hardware and Peripherals 
  • Structured Cabling Solutions

At NABS, we balance our technical talent with practical business sense and real dedication to customer satisfaction. We understand that the power of technology can be harnessed most effectively when tempered with an ability to plan and implement reliable, supportable solutions.

Our Partners

  • Cisco
  • CommScope
  • Corning Cable Systems
  • Avocent by Emerson - Diamond Partner
  • Eaton Power
  • S2 Security
  • Milestone
  • Conteg
  • Axis Communications
  • Arecont Vision
  • APC
  • FNT
  • Cannon Technologies
  • Intel Data Center Manager