Borderless Networking Systems



A Borderless Network is a set of hardware and software technologies which allow "anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device" to connect to an organization's network. It is developed to meet the increased performance demands of streaming video, wireless networking, cloud and virtualization services, and the rising usage of smartphones and other consumer devices in the workplace.
A Borderless Network is enabled by an architecture comprising routers, switches, wireless and security systems, WAN acceleration, and energy and building management systems.



Wireless Networks
Wireless World represents the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry today, and is poised to undergo significant technological change over the next few years. For coming wireless world, NABS has prepared a well-trained wireless communication team to provide well-fit integrated solutions.
Our Wireless Communication team has plenty of practical experience in the field, as well as theoretical knowledge. We can do computer models of the radio frequency paths, and then go on location and take signal strength measurements to verify the predictions. In most cases the system designers are also involved in the actual installation of the equipment. This method has been very effective in providing a solid base for our system design layout and equipment considerations. We can handle the coordination and execution of your complete communication system installation.
Having the total package supplied and set up by a single source can save you the trouble of getting all the components to work together seamlessly. We have experience integrating systems from a variety of manufacturers into a solid operational package.
This can include:
  •  Communications equipment
  •  Antenna systems.
  •  Towers and structures.
  •  Buildings and outdoor enclosures.
  •  Alternative and backup power sources (UPS, solar and thermal electric generators).
  •  Wiring, cable management and lightning suppression systems.