Data Center
The data center or the server farm is important for any organization that owns a number of servers. What makes it so important? The mere fact that it brings everything at one place? Yes, this and more.
You keep all your servers and hardware at one physical location because it reaps more benefits and provides easy maintenance. The data center stores not only servers but also routers and switches that help the servers to communicate with one another. It offers high availability and business continuity. When one server fails, the others take over, providing you a seamless experience.

One of the biggest benefits of the data center is its scalability. It accommodates all the changes as a business grows.



NABS provides groundbreaking data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions based on Avocent products  that reduce data center complexity and operating costs better than anyone else–solving your problems for today and preparing you for the future.
With our DCIM solution offering, you can:
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data centers
  • Proactively manage energy usage
  • Predict infrastructure failures before they occur
  • Optimize server and power chain headroom
  • Communicate with and control heterogeneous equipment with different communication protocols and physical interfaces
  • Automate policies and heuristic procedures to reduce operational costs
  • Extend the useful life of existing data centers