Borderless Networking Systems



A Borderless Network is a set of hardware and software technologies which allow "anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device" to connect to an organization's network. It is developed to meet the increased performance demands of streaming video, wireless networking, cloud and virtualization services, and the rising usage of smartphones and other consumer devices in the workplace.
A Borderless Network is enabled by an architecture comprising routers, switches, wireless and security systems, WAN acceleration, and energy and building management systems.



Security Solutions And Auditing

NABS Security Consultants can identify where the security holes are in your network, highlight any vulnerabilities and provide solutions to strengthen your network protection. Our Security Consultants can customize the solution to meet your corporate security objectives, create secure network designs, and implement them to protect your valuable corporateresources. NABS Security Consultants are experienced and qualified in all partner security products and have vast experience of designing and implementing network security solutions ranging from single firewall solutions to complex network security designs consisting of Firewall, IDS, Anti-Virus, VPN, Authentication, Content Filtering and Anti-Spam products.